Dracula Audio Drama


Audio Drama

Stalwart presents an audio drama adaptation of Bram Stoker’s 1897 Gothic horror novel, Dracula. Premieres Halloween 2017.

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Lucas Zellers as Arthur Seward
Nate Spanos as Dr. Abraham Van Helsing
Colin Luther as Jonathan Harker
Aimee Auclair as Mina Harker
Elise Parsons as Lucy Westenra
Bobby Moon as Count Dracula
Chris Johnson as Driver, Ship Captain, Hand 1, News Vendor, Captain of the Czarina Catrina
Joel Derkin as First Mate, Hand 2, News Announcer, and Immanuel Hildesheim

Story by Bram Stoker
Adapted by Orson Welles and Eric Mishne

Directed by Eric Mishne
Sound Design and Mixing by Andrew Bashaw and Jake Barry
Foley and Sound Effects by Elise Parsons
Music and Score by Andrew Bashaw

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